Gone are the days where man caves were a hole in the wall, in a distant corner, where the air smells of testosterone and beer and the walls were as dark the inside of a crack den (not that I have any experience with crack dens).

We live in a time that not only welcomes racial diversity, but is eagerly embracing sexual and gender diversity as well. So it should only make sense that previously established institutions, founded on the archaic standards from an era passed, should just as openly welcome this swiftly changing social landscape.

What am I babbling on about? I’m talking about man caves; what was once an institution (yes, a hard fought for institution) that served as a means for men to gather with their comrades and share with them the spoils of being the apex predator, to have a safe-haven of their own and to hang their feet up, can now be an inclusive forum that does all that, but also delves into topics previously thought of as too feminine or ‘soft’.

The modern man cave isn’t just a space for men to gather, have a cold one and shoot ‘the shit’ with one another; it’s also a space where men are able to feel comfortable in exploring the many shades within their community. To be a man today is to be a caregiver, to be a lover, a protector, a friend, a spokesperson for injustice and inequality, a lover of all things sci-fi, a gentle pacifist, an aggressive lobbyist, a wine connoisseur, a make-up and skincare enthusiast, a petrol head and so much more.

To be a modern man is to understand that masculinity can be fragile and to work towards being men or our word and not only our works. The modern man cave includes a caucus as diverse as the many experiences the modern man is exposed to.

That’s what TribalMushrooms strives to bring to light and navigate.

This is a forum for the colourful expression of the many shades of man this beautifully complicated world has to offer. The many interests, the many allies and social wrongs that men today fight for, with and against.

Be it the cis-gendered man, transgendered, gay, straight, bi-sexual, pan-sexual, non-binary, queer, asexual or many more, this is a voice for all. Come one, come all; the perspective may be from a male’s point of view, but the content can interest and inspire any gender and sexual orientation.


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