Food or facial?

I could be delving into some pretty weird territory here, but the modern man is just as concerned with the health of his skin as his counterpart.
It’s no secret that we all want to look our best, but the problem is that most of us don’t have the coin to keep up with the insane products and skincare regimes often required to turn that frown upside down (get it? Like…anti-aging and…whatever).

We’ve all seen it, our mothers or sisters rummaging through the kitchen drawers like foraging vagabonds, searching furiously for what we assumed would be breakfast, only to see it on their faces.

I mean, I didn’t get it then, but I do now. You do what you can to make things look tight and right and if it means taking what should be breakfast and pasting it all over your face, then go for it.

I’m here to be a Yoda of sorts; I want to lead you in some kind of direction when it comes to edible skincare (that should be a thing). This is the one time where it feels right saying, if it tastes good, it’ll make you look good. Here are just six examples of the many I know of.

Almond oil

This isn’t as nuts (lol, I’m a savage) as you might think. Almond oil has been an age old tried and tested aid in the quest for healthy skin. Almond oil reduces the aging effect of UV light on your skin which helps with preventing damage to your skin and aging. People milk them, shake them, chew them, crush them and now they can apply them daily as a moisturizer.


So what really happened to those cool “Got milk?” ads? Whatever, well i feel like it should come as no surprise that milk is considered a great treat for your skin. Not only does it contain a natural bleaching agent, but it also softens your skin. So along with your morning coffee, why not reduce the effects of scarring, blemishes and smoothen out your complexion while you’re at it?


This is sweet (pun totally intended), you can use sugar as a good exfoliating agent. You get to scrub dead and dirty skin off your face to help look younger and more even toned. How about you add 2 teaspoons of sugar to that coffee before exfoliating? Sounds like a plan to me.


I mean this should go without saying; we all know that honey is a great anti-bacterial, but do you also know that a honey mask is good for reducing the appearance of scars on your skin as well as making sure that it regenerates healthy tissue? Just lay it on your face for a few minutes and wash it off with water, it’s really simple. I have a ton of puns just waiting to be unleashed, but I don’t want to be that guy.



Yes, I said it. I love me some cinnamon flavoured eggnog, but did you know that it can also prevent acne-causing bacteria and if you combine it with honey, it can reduce redness and restore moisture? If you use this as a mask, wash it off with water after about ten minutes on your face. If it’s burning, it’s working. But honestly, if it starts to burn, ABORT! ABORT!


This is real trippy because I never once thought that oatmeal could be used for your face. But it’s pretty popular. Not only is it a decent breakfast meal, but it’s also a great facial mask if you grind it, add honey and egg white and you’ve got yourself skin that feels good and isn’t so damn itchy.

I could go on for hours and tell you about all sorts of recipes and homemade remedies, but the point is that you don’t have to look deep into your wallet to make sure that you have healthy skin. Sometimes the answer is in your kitchen and all you need is a little creativity and Google. Men need good skin too.


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